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    In honor of the launch of the new 100% recyclable DASANI PlantBottle, made from a blend of up to 30% plant-based materials, DASANI has partnered up with PSIMadeThis.com founder/designer Erica Domesek to develop a limited edition Green Hat. The materials in this project are made from re-used and recycled materials to promote the importance of recycling, whether its plastic bottles, cans or household items. Enjoy this great project as we celebrate Earth Day next week!

    Recycled Green Hat

    By Erica Domesek


    Repurposed cotton sweatpants
    cut from a zippered sweatshirt, or buy a new one at a fabric/trimming store
    Scissors fabric scissors or utility scissors work best
    Needle and thread match your thread to the Cap's color
    Straight pins
    Thick rubber band
Fabric tape measurer


    Dasaniplantbottle Step1
    Step 1: Use cotton jersey sweatpants (more experienced sewers can try tee shirts or sweatshirts, however these may require a higher level of sewing ability to achieve desired fit).

    Dasaniplantbottle Step2

    Step 2: Cut one leg off pant at the widest point, which will form a tube base for the Green Hat.

    Dasaniplantbottle Step3

    Step 3: Measure your head's circumference. This will help you size the opening for your cap. Cut the pant leg at the point where it is one inch wider than your head's circumference. Re-cut if necessary to the proper size.

    Dasaniplantbottle Step4

    Step 4: Trim the pants tube to approximately 12" in length. 

    Dasaniplantbottle Step5

    Step 5: Flip the tube inside out. 

    Dasaniplantbottle Step6

    Step 6: Gather the fabric at the tube's narrower end.

    Dasaniplantbottle Step7

    Step 7: Wrap the thick rubber band around the narrow end several times until it's tight and secure. For a slouchier Green Hat gather more towards the narrow end. For a hat with not as much slouch, gather closer to the wider opening.

    Dasaniplantbottle Step8

    Step 8: Trim the excess material just above rubber band.

    Step 9: Turn the cap right side out.

    Dasaniplantbottle Step10

    Step 10: Use needle and thread to sew button on the top of the hat.

    Dasaniplantbottle Step11

    Step 11: Use a zipper to adorn the circumference of the green cap 3 inches from the bottom. Use only half of the zipper, with the zipper teeth facing up. Secure with straight pins around the hat and use a needle and thread to sew it around the outside. While sewing the zipper, use one hand to pull fabric slightly, so the zipper will stretch with the fabric when stretched onto head.

    Dasani Erica Domesek Main

    Step 12: Get creative with other household items and decorative trim, embellishments, and accents for your Green Hat!
    Source: blog.craftzine
    Je traduirais se tuto prochainement, mais je pense que certaine personne comprendron comment il faut réaliser se chapeaux sympathique =)

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